Blasphemy! But a serious topic, nevertheless. God, as we understand Him, is the sole proprietor of the universe. There is nothing within existence, in both a material or abstract sense, that is not at the behest or Will of God. Everything we see around us today, this very second, is the direct result of what […]

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about evil, sparked in no small part due to a recent trip to the cinemas. The Book Thief is both a remarkable novel and film; the screen adaptation served the original well. Most striking are the scenes of contrast – the play of childhood set against book burnings and […]

Nic invited us to a challenge. He’d provide the name of an artist and we’d reply with our favourite work from the artist’s collection. Alexei Savrasov painted Early Spring Thaw in 1880. Here it is. Alexei was a 19th century artist by profession, a specialist in realism and landscapes. It was interesting to read through […]

“The hot and the cold are both so intense/put them together; it just makes sense!” My friend snorted into his popcorn and I had to cover my mouth to keep from laughing too hard. Frozen was a hoot, and certainly one of the more memorable movies to come out of the Disney machine in recent […]

If you’ve ever taken a stroll through the backwaters of the internet, chances are you’ve stumbled across some fairly strange material. Now, in case you woke up yesterday from your diamond-encased palace of sound sleep, having been deprived of modern medicine and the internet for many years, you might be unfamiliar with the sheer oddities […]

Flames rise from the husk of the city in a mess of snaking, jet black trails. Veti stands tall over the ruin, perched high on the perimeter to watch, to watch. The people: vanished. No more screams. Once-bright neon streets run empty now, the usual patchwork of lanes and tiered roads and traffic are open wounds between […]

First up, a video.  Hopefully this style of video will go the way of the dinosaurs. I don’t mind text being used to emphasise points, but when I watch videos like this I feel like I’m on a spaceship traveling at light-speed through a cluster of stars, trying to make out their form while a […]

I feel jaded. This is a topic that stirs my heart deeply, casting it sour and heavy. To put it bluntly: for me, predestination is what killed God. This theological dagger split God in two and I saw the messy entrails of deception pool at my feet. It broke my heart, made the bile in […]

This is something I only realised once my faith in God was broken. I think everybody has a concept of God that they hold close to their hearts, a secret and very personal image. Like an icon: something they desperately want to believe in, something loving and kind. Often undefined, or a mish-mash of humanistic principles, […]

I missed the Life of Pi philosophy train. When the movie adaptation was released last year, the internet was ablaze with deconstructions and metaphysical readings. The religiously inclined loved the movie for its wonderful exposition of poly/pan/regular theism and the atheists loved the movie for its sly nod towards religion being a means to cope […]